10 Simple Ways to Save Money Every Single Day

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It can be frustrating when it comes to saving money because living on a budget isn’t always easy. A lot of people these days tend to consider their everyday luxuries as necessities. As vital as your daily brand-named coffee may seem, it can be replaced by a cheaper alternative.

That is where the good news comes into play. There are quite a few simple ways to save money that don’t involve getting rid of your favorite things.

Be Your Own Hairdresser


Colored hair can be quite costly and difficult to manage. Natural roots tend to grow out just a few weeks after getting your hair done. A monthly trip to the hairdressers can burn a large hole in your pocket.

Luckily, there are cheap alternatives to looking your best. Rubbing appropriate colored eye shadow along your roots will help disguise regrowth. Also, spraying a mixture of fresh lemon juice and water in your hair before a day in the sun can naturally bleach your hair.9

Invest in a Crock-Pot

Slow cookers are an incredible kitchen appliance that can help save households valuable time and money. Instead of opting for takeout or dining at a restaurant after a busy day of work, try cooking with a crockpot.

Before you leave for work, all you have to do is place your meat and vegetables into the pot. Then set it and forget it. A deliciously effortless meal will be waiting for you and your family when you get home.8

Use Credit Cards Wisely


Credit cards are a dangerous thing because they allow people to spend money they may not have. One way to avoid credit card debt is simply by not using one at all. Knowing that you have access to a certain amount of money can be tempting and could lead to overspending.

Despite the disadvantages of credit cards, there are quite a few benefits. Financial companies like Bank of America and Chase offer their clients cash-back rewards when they spend at certain places.7

Take Advantage of Free Trials


A lot of companies promote their products by offering potential customers free trials. This form of marketing allows consumers to experience a product without having to pay for it right away.

Free trials can last anywhere from a week to a month. However, once the trial period is complete, you must remember to cancel it. If you forget, you could be left with another expense you never originally planned for.6

Get Rid of Things


Take a look around you. Do you own belongings that you have simply lost interest in? If so, instead of throwing them away, try selling them.

Going through your house and decluttering is a great way to stay organized and make a little extra cash. You might be surprised at how many items you have stored away that are in good enough shape for reselling. 5

Ditch the Coffee Shop


Fancy coffees have a way of sneaking their way into our everyday routine. They provide that extra boost when you feel like you need it the most. However, they are also quite expensive. Instead of spending around $5 on a cup of coffee, try making your own.

If your favorite drink is a vanilla-iced coffee, buy a gallon of pre-brewed cold coffee and a carton of flavored creamer. You can even invest in a nice reusable cup so you don’t have to keep on buying disposable ones.4

Borrow from a Friend


Before you rush out to your nearest department store to buy that household item you only intend to use once or twice, try asking a friend if you could borrow theirs. This won’t only save you valuable space in your kitchen or garage but it will also help you save money as well.

As a thank you, you could try to offer them something you have that they could use. Also, remember to return the appliance in good shape and in a timely manner.3

Get Rid of Cable


Watching TV is one of America’s favorite pastimes. The average household pays around $1,200 a year on this luxury, depending on what service provider they picked.

Network applications and streaming services like Netflix and Hulu are a great alternative to pricey cable TV packages. The best part is that they have hundreds of television shows, movies, and documentaries to pick from.2

Pack Your Lunch


One of the most challenging parts of saving money is cutting back on the luxuries people are so used to having. Going out for lunch every day is definitely a luxury. The average cost of eating out for lunch in the United States is $11.14, according to Statist.

Even if someone packs their lunch just three days out of the workweek, they could save around $120 a month. A great way to get into the routine is by packing lunch every day around the same time so it becomes a habit.1

Buy Generic Brands


Let’s get started with those brand-named products we love to buy. They seem satisfying in all the right ways except the most important one: your pocketbook. Brand-named items are a lot more expensive than their generic counterparts.

If replacing your favorite brands seems too difficult, try doing it in increments. Start off by buying generic cereal at your local grocery store. Then slowly start replacing some of your everyday brand-named items like deodorant, shampoo, and body wash.

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