10 Top Jobs You Can Do Online and Make a Living

Are you looking for the best way to earn online and free yourself from financial slavery? Then you are just at the right place for all the detailed jobs you can do online for a living. In this era, many things have gone digital and many advancements in various sectors have made us change the way we live and even work. Gone are the days we used to make long queues to drop our CVs in the search of jobs.

These days, jobs are available online, even more than we can handle. All you need is just the experience or skill that can prove that you can do it. All you need to invest in data, your personal computer, and a few computer tools you might need for the different online careers you want to venture in.

Here are the top 10 jobs that have a good pay and you can find online to do.

10. Transcription:

This is basically the conversion of a video or an audio to text. However, transcription takes different formats that you need to learn and master to deliver your work in time. Becoming a transcriber requires nothing other than fluency of the language you are working in and a good typing speed. On average, transcribers make a minimum of $20 per hour of audio. Medical and legal transcriptions pay much higher than most conversations. Some clients pay far much better than the average.

9. Public Relations Specialist:

Do you like engaging people on social media? Do you want to meet new brands and client prospects online? Then the public relation is a great field for you. It simply entails you engaging with the followers of a brand online and marketing on their behalf.

Most companies will require you to have the relevant skills and a  minimum working experience for the consideration. You will also need good communications skills and the ability to convince prospects online to become customers. The average earning for a public relations specialist is about $42/hr.

8. Travel Agency:

Do you have a deep knowledge of the tourism industry? Do you have the ability to get discounted tickets for various airlines? Then you can help people book their flights to and fro different destinations around the globe. Many people would like to tour different places but they lack lots of the vital information. The business can work best for you depending on your setup, client base, and the season. You can expect an upward of $20/hr.

7. Online Tutor:

Many students from various parts of the world need people to help them better understand the courses they are studying. Others too need people to coach them on some extra-curricular activities. You can make a decent income if you are available to offer the services. You can decide to work on a contract basis or an hourly rate. The average wage of a tutor is $25/hr.

6. Virtual assistant:

There are many different tasks a virtual assistant can do. These range from email sampling and management, responding, making calls, filling forms, record keeping, etc. As a virtual assistant, you will be hired as per the needs of the clients. You can make an upward of $30/hr depending on the tasks you have to carry out.

5. Web Designers:

Web design is one of the most lucrative businesses you can do online. Many people are looking for professional designers to set up their new business websites and blogs. Set up your own web design business and market it well. You will get a stream of customers and make decent money online. You can charge a minimum of $100 per website, which can take you no more than a few hours to complete.

4. SEO Expert:

Do you have the deepest knowledge how the web works? Are you able to help clients to rank their websites on the first pages of Google in a short time? Then you can start your own SEO consultant company. There are many businesses that want to grow and the best way is SEO on their websites, social media pages, etc. An SEO expert can make a rough estimate of $5,000 per month per website.

3. App Developer:

Mobile application developers are other best online earners. As long as you can create native apps for iOS, Windows Mobile, and Android, you can make a good living online. Developers for these dominant mobile OS are in demand for various businesses that want to make their businesses natively available for their users. You can charge a minimum of $50,000 for an app on the low end.

2. Writers:

Writers are in demand as much as online and media business is concerned. The more we see businesses streaming online, the more you know that there is a market for writers. Writers can be hired for different writing like print, online media publications, blogs, business copywriting, etc. A writer earns an average of $25/hr.

1. Graphic Designers:

If you can design logos, banners, business cards, t-shirts, or anything, you can make good money in the marketing and branding industry. Many people make good money online designing graphics for clients from various parts of the world. You can join today. The average wage for a graphic designer is $45 and upward.

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