To The People Who Never Fail To See The Light In Us.

To the ones who see the light in us when it’s dark inside. To the ones who remind us that we’re not broken and that we can always heal. To the ones who surround us with their light and love when we’re at our lowest. Thank you for giving us a reason to hold on and fight through another dark day. Thank you for trying to understand our pain even if you’ve never been through it. Thank you for sticking around until we find our light again.

To the ones who bring hope back to us when we lose it all. The ones who remind us of their own struggles and how they got through it. The ones who remind us of our strength and how we survived past heartaches and came out of it more resilient. The ones who know us a bit better than we know ourselves. Thank you for being our reflection when our own mirrors fail us. Thank you for pushing us to change because you know that we’re capable of fixing ourselves and that we’re capable of digging ourselves out of our deepest holes. Thank you for reminding us that we’ve survived rock bottom before and we’re capable of surviving it again.

To the ones who don’t give up on us when we falter. The ones who know when we’re acting out of character and know how to keep us grounded. The ones who stick with us through thick and thin and protect us from our misjudgments and wrongdoings. The ones who check in more often when we’re down and surprise us with trips and adventures to heal and forget temporarily what’s hurting us. Thank you for being our families when our own can’t seem to understand us or love us the way we want them to. Thank you for being our home when we feel a little bit lost and out of place. Thank you for sheltering us when we have no place to run to. Thank you for making us feel safe and protected from the dangers we sometimes get into.

To the ones who see the light in us when we fail to see it for ourselves. If you only knew how many times you’ve saved us and how many times you brought us back to life. If you only knew how many times you’ve made us look forward to another day knowing you’ll be there with us. Thank you for being our light and giving us your torch to light ourselves up again when we need it. Thank you for illuminating our lives in our darkest moments and most of all, thank you for loving us through it all because your love makes us stronger and it makes us feel that we will never be broken for too long because you will be right there picking us up again. You will be right there shedding your light on us until we find our torch again.

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